Vesania – Distractive Killusions (2007)


“Vesania is an old Latin word, describing everything what is connected with insanity, madness, mental disease, dementia…” Orion.

Headed by Behemoth’s bass player Orion and Vader’s drummer Daray, Vesania is a Symphonic Black Metal from Poland. Musically, Vesania is nothing new, I’ll give you that, but Vesania’s music is spirited and contains much of what’s necessary in order to enchant a BM-lovin’ audience. Their latest release “Distractive Killusions” is a 9 tracks LP which was released in 2007 on Napalm Records.
opener is the blasting “Narrenschyff” is a demolishing drum assault with heavy riffs and a groovy keyboard melody. Orion improved his growling which is now way more comprehensible and more powerful. The part of nefarious laughter that occurs in the middle of the song is not only wonderfully macabre, but it also perfectly fits to the track as well as the whole idea of this album and Vesania in general, as I quoted Orion’s words above.
Another song that caught my attention is “Rage Of Reason”: it features a heavy melody that immediately catches your attention and an intense chorus which becomes engraved in your brain for a while. With “Hell is for Children” Vesania changes the speed to a slower tempo, but the song is still deep and powerful with pompous keyboard arrangements.

All in one, “Distractive Killusions” is a good record and I would recommend it if you like bands that are similar to Emperor, Limbonic Art or Dimmu Borgir (I mention Dimmu Borgir even if I’m tired of hearing that Vesania is a cross between Dimmu Borgir and other BM Bands)




The True Nemesis


~ by The True Nemesis on February 6, 2008.

3 Responses to “Vesania – Distractive Killusions (2007)”

  1. Gudd gelongenen Review Naïma! Gudd Aarbescht.
    Falls een Interesse huet, hei nach een Review mam “Orion” iwwer Vesania:


  2. des todes

  3. Gudd gelongenen Review Naïma! Gudd Aarbescht!
    Falls nach een Interesse sollt hunn, hei een Interview fum Orion iwwer Vesania:

    Ritchie alias Shacreth

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