Pest – Rest In Morbid Darkness (2008)




First of all you shouldn´t confuse the Swedish band “Pest” with the English one, because the first one plays some oldschool raw true black Metal where the second one is a jazz, funk, hip hop band. (I even think there are hundreds of other bands with the same name, but these 2 are the most famous ones)
The following lines will give you an idea of how the new (Swedish) Pest record Rest in Morbid Darkness sounds like, so if you are looking forward to an hip hop review you can stop reading, because this isn´t one.

After having released some demos and Ep´s, Pest is finally striking back with their seventh official release since 1997, Rest in Morbid Darkness. The duo Necro: (Guitars, vocals, drums) and Equimanthorn : (Guitars, bass) haven´t changed and evaluated much during the last years, they remain true to themselves and their music.
The lyrics deal with death, hate and misanthropy (what a surprise;)) and the music is true, raw black metal without any bells and whistles!
Those who love the oldschool, dirty, underground sound, simple/punk songstructures, and raw, thrashy black Metal riffs, like early Darkthrone will love this record and I only can recommend it! But for the rest of you guys listen to some Darkthrone and save your money for Wacken!

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~ by innerwille on February 6, 2008.

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