Suicidal Winds – Chaos Rising (2008)


And here comes something new from the North. Suicidal Winds, formed in 1992, has already released 5 records, but, sorry, I’ve never heard if this band. I’ve got the tip to buy this album from a friend, and so here we are. Suicidal Winds are from Sweden and they are playing Black/Thrash Metal. I think you can compare them to Bands like Bewitched or Nifelheim.

The new Record “Chaos Rising” brings you 11 Songs with a length of 3-4 minutes, the whole CD has a length of 34 minutes.
“Chaos Rising” starts with the song “Slowly we frost”, an Intro with some slow riffs, nothing special. But then, they open the Gates of Hell and you will discover the true side of “Suicidal Winds”: nice blackened Thrash Metal with groovy guitar-riffs and even more groovy solos. The songwriting of this record is for the most part very felicitous and the vocals, which reminded of Morgan’s (Marduk) vocal style, fit very well to the sound. Nice work Mr. Andersson!
I should also mention the song “Ballade of Death”, which is, surprise surprise, a ballade, a Thrash ballade, with an interesting beginning, some slow riffs and an emotional Solo. This song brings some variety in the record and gives you a chance to take a breath…
Unfortunately, “Chaos Rising” can’t hold the high level of the first 6 songs till the end. The riffs start to get too repetitive and the record starts to lose his pep, it get’s mediocre. Especially “Death to All” and “Unevitable Doom” (Grammar: Inevitable…no?) sound too similar. This is the reason why this record doesn’t reach the 8 points mark.
But in the main, “Chaos Rising” is a good record, really! The solos, the groove and “Ballade of Death” should give any Thrash Fans a good reason to buy this record.

By the way on you can listen to one song of the new Record

~ by SvArt on February 5, 2008.

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