In Slumber – SCARS: Incomplete

in slumber album cover

Coming straight from Austria, the band In Slumber unleashes a massive amount of energy and violence with their second full length album SCARS: Incomplete. With a unique combination and variation of sounds, riffs and death’n’roll elements this band has a certain “flair” like it was coming straight from Sweden, Göteburg to be precise.

The overall musical arrangement is very close to some of the old In Flames cds like Jesters Race and so on, yet using another style of voice and power the create something extremely brutal and beautiful at the same time(One Bullet for an Aeon for example).The tone and sound of the riffs are very melodic and direct.

Nearly every song is executed and produced in a very good quality and the pressure behind the riffs and drum poundings is impressive, it left me completely overwhelmed.

The title track Scars: Incomplete is a real blast: musically being a masterwork of riffs and variations and emotionally very strong in both pressure and feeling. What I personally liked about this album are the “old school” rock’n’roll solos and riffs which kept coming at the right places! Its good to see that some of the old spirit is still in the bands of today, and I am happy to see that this isn’t an overproduced CD with too much bass and clinging too much on the brutality of the sound that it looses its character… (in opposition to the trend of most modern bands in the death metal scene.) The only thing I would add as a negative is that some riffs don’t have more melodical transitions between them which would sustain and brighten the sound, empowering it even more, like in All Demons Entwine Me. It is a very good and powerful song, yet it could be more.

Very good album, id recommend it to everyone who likes melodic death metal. In Slumber, well done.

Thanks for reading, Benno (Rahjas)


Benno (Rahjas)


~ by rahjas on February 3, 2008.

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