The Agony Scene – Get damned

the agony scene cover artwork get damned

Back again on Century Media, the agony scene is comin up with their third studio album ”Get damned”. The first LP (selftitled) was produced by the mighty Adam Dutkiewicz (Killswitch Engage). The second one,called the darkest red (on Roadrunner records), by Rob Caggiono (Anthrax). This time Andreas Magnusson took this part.

”The darkest red” showed how brutal Metalcore can sound like. Songs like ”Scapegoat” or ”the darkest red” are definitly on the top of all time Metalcore songs. Easy to guess that everyone expected a new killer album with ”Get damned”.

The album has 11 songs. First song is ‘Barnburner’! Sounds like a typical song of the agony scene, the chorus is supported by some gang vocals, maybe thats the only surprising thing here. Pretty much what I expected-pretty much what I love about those guys: the intensity, the brutality and the heavyness! Most of the songs are defined by a main riff which leads into heavy breakdowns or moshparts. ”Predation” hits you with a rock-riff, kinda invites u to nod ur head.”rapture” is goin straight forward,is fast and is one of the killer songs of the album! ”rattle me bones” awaits you with a monster moshpart, unfortunately the song is quite short. I could review each song now but I will let u the opportunity to see for yourself how the agony scene sound in 2008! The other songs pretty much fit in the same describtion. Clean vocals can only be found on the last song ”old scratch”, kinda sad coz Michael Williams is an awesome frontman who got excellent clean vocal skills too! The riffs are- as always- spreading rage and hate! Pete Webb is doin a great job on his drums too (just listen to his doublebass work!). The production is pretty good but can’t reach the one of ‘the darkest red’.

I can’t say that this album is better than ‘the darkest red’ (I hardly doubt that there ever will be a better one) but it’s still an amazing album which wont disappoint any fan of the band and take the agony scene to a new level! If you’re a fan of the more ‘brutal’ metalcore u shouldnt miss the agony scene coz they are definitly on the top of the scene!






~ by charly87 on January 31, 2008.

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