Impaled Nazarene – Manifest (2007)


“…A public declaration of principles and intentions…”, this is the explanation you get on Wikipedia when you enter “Manifest” and it matches very well to the new record of Impaled Nazarene: it’s a declaration full of “motherfucking” hate!

You can call them veterans, because Impaled Nazarene has gathered a lot of experience and respect since they started in 1990. This finnish Extreme Metal Band with Black influences has already released 10 Full-Lenght records and they have always remained true to their music style(so if you never liked them, this CD won’t change your opinion).
In 2007, the carrer of the 5 artists has almost been finished by some displeasing ongoings: their tour had to be canceled because of some problems with the Antifa (accusing I.N of being to “patriotic”)and because of that, they’ve lost a lot of money. And this gathered hate, can be felt on “Manifest”.

So what is the new record about: no experiments, only pure fucking metal!
A fast drum-play and guitar work, the great, nasty and unique vocal-sytle of Mika Luttinen, mixed with lyrics about Sex, Drugs,Goats, War and Satan, and spiced with some grindcore and thrash, gives you a heavy smack in your face. Not longer than 3-4 Minutes, the 16 (!) Songs don’t give you a chance to breathe. The well produced record offers you a surprising and interesting songwriting with some cool solo’s (You don’t rock hard) and…funny lyrics (Mushroom Truth). All these things i’ve missed on the new Legion of the Damned record.

Even if not all the songs (The Antichrist Files) attain the high level of songs like “Mushroom Truth” or “The Calling”, “Manifest” remains a very good, brutal and varied record…buy or die!




~ by SvArt on January 30, 2008.

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