Eternal Tango – First Round at the Sissi Café (2007)



I never thought that I would review an “Emo” record but I just couldn´t resist:)!

Eternal Tango released their current cd in April 2007.

The incredible ability for melodies and the production, which is over-average for Luxembourg, are the great plus points of this record. The 5 guys from Eternal Tango know how to melt poppunk, emo and rock elements together, to create their own sound, which is very difficult in the submerged Emo genre! The record certainly doesn´t approach their incredible and intensive live performances but the record fulfills its job, it is a great representation of the band and good publicity for further gigs or even a record deal! It seems that it all adds up, Eternal Tango are playing concerts and concerts, from February to April they are touring through Germany, Spain and Austria.

But the record also has some negative aspects, on the one hand the record doesn´t reflect the great power of the band, on the other hand there is a loss of aggressiveness (listen to Jacky Boy is leaving Town from their demo and compare it to the current record, and you´ll know what I mean).

Nevertheless this is a good record from a band which deserves much more respect for what they do!


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(!innerwille at E.T. show!)


~ by innerwille on January 29, 2008.

4 Responses to “Eternal Tango – First Round at the Sissi Café (2007)”

  1. Nice review although I’m fine with the lack of aggression, I’m pretty sure they did that on purpose to suit a bigger audience.

  2. ET rawks big time… keep up the good work! 🙂

  3. i remeber that guy with the pink cappy; didn’t he say he would wear it for a whole year when he’s in a certain pub, eh? blabla 😉 still waiting for it to come true…

  4. Screw the guy with the pink cappy, First round at the sissy café is one of the best luxembourgish releases for 2007 … after defdump of course.
    Kinda dig your work @ mfg, big up yourselves

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