Novembre – The Blue (2007)

Although regularly releasing albums since 1994, Novembre has never reached the popularity they deserve. Hopefully, The Blue will make things change for this Italian band. Always atmospheric, always very progressive in their structure, Novembre‘s songs were never meant for easy listening. Following the quieter Materia, The Blue is this time more agressive, with much more growl vocals than on its predecesor. The musicians seem to have aquired even more skills on their instruments; the solo inTriesteitaliana” still impresses me each time I listen to it.

Fans of Novembre will definitely love this album, which is incredibly varied and complex. You never get bored throughout the album. Calm atmospheric parts are followed by an assault of sheer brutality, and all of this is done with amazing virtuosity. Songs like “Bluecracy”, by the way my favourite on this album, just can be listened again and again without losing its magic. In fact, I recommend this album to everybody who listens to Metal (OK, I suppose not EVERYBODY will like it, but still I consider this band deserves more attention), and if you like everything that is progressive, atmospheric and death-ish, then just GET this album (and every other Novembre album, by the way).

Black Wizard


~ by blackwizard666 on January 25, 2008.

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