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In the following lines you will read an interview with Bertrand (Guitar) and Jeff (Bass) from the Luxemburgish Trash/Death Metal Band “Scarred”.Have Fun!


1)For all those who don’t know Scarred, here is your chance to tell them who you are:

Bertrand: We are a death metal band from Luxembourg. We have just recorded our first album called “new filth order” at tidal wave studios is karlsruhe and are ready to hit ears with it!

Jeff: Our style has definitely evolved into a more Death Metal orientated sound but with still Thrashmetal at the base and the occasional prog elements.

Bertrand : and some meshuggah style riffs also.

(2)From Requiem (former band-name) in 2000 to Scarred in 2008, which are the main changes your band has made?

Bertrand: Many changes in the line up ! new singer and second guitar player !
The music is also quite different. More brutal but maybe also more personal, a synergy of our combined emotions and two guitars are definitely useful for harmonies, song writing and live power

Jeff: Musical style wise we changed a lot too, we started off as a powermetal band evolved into a thrashmetal band and then began incorporating deathmetal elements in our sound. We had alot of member changes during our existence but we finally found the right squad to rock it with Bertrand being our new second guitar player and Sacha our new singer.

(3)After your Demo in 2004, you’ve planned for 2008 a new CD with the title “New Filth Order”. What’s the message of this title?

Jeff: Well New Filth Order is also a song on the album and the lyrics talk about the new fashion of people loving to watch other people get hurt on tv, reality tv and all that shit, how people love the depravity of other people dying. Like the news turned more into entertainment shows then real news lately. And well the chorus says we’re children of this new filth order, as well alot of people grow up no by watching tv, with both parents working most kids get their education from tv, as sad as it is.

We chose it as an album title as the deprevation in this world has really gone up a lot and a lot of shit is going on that seems like it’s being worshipped, sometimes when watching tv you can tell that it’s trying to brainwash people into buying stuff, spreading panic etc, the whole album is really about staying true to who you are and to not back down to others.

(4)What can the fans expect from the new record?

Bertrand: Brutality and also a lot of melody. Maybe more modern than inner scars but more heavy, and more mature! It is the product of a lot of brainstorming and it is a quite spontaneous record

Jeff: We have definatly matured a lot when it comes to songwriting the songs are a lot more interesting with a lot of changes. The album will also be a fully fletched album where we took time recording it in a very professional studio, we’ll take time mixing it too. Not like the demo we recorded that one in a week and had a day to mix it. This new album is definitely setting up to pace to everyone how modern death metal is supposed to sound.

(5)Give me a good reason why I should go on a gig of Scarred when Morbid Angel would perform the same day…naked.

Bertrand: because we always give our best, it’s the less a metal band should do for it’s crowd. And there’s often free beer ^^

Jeff: We’re younger and we’re looking better performing naked then morbid angel 😛 Seriously though, we love to put up a big show and get the pits goin, that’s what we live for and well morbid angel being one of our influences you might here a lil cover song of them in the future 😉

(6)Is it a handicap, as a band, to come from a small country like Luxembourg?

Bertrand: Luxembourg is a small country but there are many fellow metalheads in it ! it is difficult to find gig to play but I think that the interest for metalbands is rising everyday, thanks to many associations like burhuc or EMF which try to make things better!

Jeff: The problem of being a band in luxembourg is.. if you play 3 gigs here.. you played all the available payable venues and you’re stuck if you don’t have good contacts abroad. We have a very good scene here in Luxembourg with great bands like our buddies from Abstract Rapture, Exinferis, Cleanstate, Decay and others. I think the international metal scene will notice sooner or later how many quality bands we got in this small country.

Bertrand : Metalheads in Luxemburg are quite open minded too. As far as I’m concerned they accepted me quite well cheer me up as if I had always been here, that’s reassuring when you try to find your place in a country where there is a different language, different mentality and culture.

(7)You are playing a lot of gigs in Belgium, is there any difference between the Belgian crowd and the Luxemburgish crowd?

Bertrand: Crowds for Belgium mosh definitely a lot more !

Jeff: I have to agree there, the Belgian crowd is actually really partying starting moshpits, even circle pits at times, they don’t have alot of money so they really enjoy themselves during a gig they payed for. Luxembourg is more of a watching crowd, well there are new younger metalheads coming up that do like to move during the concerts too but it’s rather rare but lately we got some people to move. It’s hard not to headbang when you see the band headbanging a storm lol

(8)After the good results on Abstract Rapture on the Wacken Metal Battle 2007, are you planning to follow their example?

Bertrand: We are planning to do better

Jeff: They really had an awsome result and we’d love to do the same or even better. The metal battle is a bit tricky… of course it’s great to play there, play the Rockhal and if you win, play the wetstage on Wacken, but there you play to the same people then in the Rockhal as most people don’t go to the wetstage to watch the bands, but it’s still a great opportunity.

Bertrand : playing huge festivals as Wacken open Air is also the dream of every metalhead in a band.. Abstract rapture really deserved their entry at wacken, they are a awesome band! But I agree with jeff, it’s quite tricky to play wacken on the wetstage when Dimmu Borgir is performing at the same time for example, because people prefer to watch Dimmu than bands they’ve never heard of.. in fact one cannot reproach this , that’s normal, as a metal band you’ve got to fight to gain notoriety, maybe more than in other musical genres, because the metal scene is quite a selecting one !

(9)On which festival would Scarred never perform?

Bertrand: We are open to every possibility of playing, the more we play, the more people will hear about us !

(10)What have been the greatest moments in history of your band?

Bertrand: For me the last 4 months, with the arrival of Sacha and the finishing of the record, heavy links between us and we are united as a band and as friends. I think we reach a point of alchemy, where we don’t have to speak to guess what others are thinking, and that’s a pretty cool feeling!

Jeff: For me too the last few months have really payed off for the band. We played a few great gigs with the new line-up and made people talk about us again. We’re in the middle of recording of our first full-lengthen album which we’re very excited about and yesterday, we’ve been asked to open for Vader in Charleroi in Belgium with other bands which will be the biggest gig for the band so far.

(11) 2007 was a pretty exciting year for the metal-community. There have been many reunions (Immortal, At the Gates…), amazing records but also disappointments. Could you give us a small retrospection on your Metal-year 2007?

Bertrand: 2007 is the year when long hard years of work finally paid. I think we all have to feeling succeed in achieving what we worked for since 7 years even if we weren’t in the same bands before! but the recording of this first album and the gigs we play are dreams which come true for me.

Jeff: I’m glad that the band grew together so much and became like brothers really. On top of that we have a great crew that is helping us out live and we’re having alot of fun with them.

(12)Last Question: What would you do if two Mormons would ring at your door?

Bertrand: A bullet in their head

Jeff: I’d eat like some green pea soup.. start to breathe heavy and open the door Exorcist style spewing green slime into their faces. I think that’ll keep em away from my door, I’d do the same to any other religious people who’d try to talk to me bout their religion.

Do you have any last comment?

Jeff: Be sure to check us out on one of our numerous gigs in the future and to check out our homepage and

The Interview was written by SvArt


~ by SvArt on January 18, 2008.

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