Black Candle Interview


Formed in 1994, Black Candle was Luxembourgs first Black Metal band ever! In March ´96 the first demo “My Black Sky” was recorded and released. In ´97 the second demo “Winter of Wrat” was released.

After having played their first concert in Germany, Black Candle entered the studio again to record their cult track “Meeting with the Beast” in November ´97.

In 1999 the first mini album “Nightfire” was released on Pw records.

In 2002 “the Faceless Angel” was released with the support of Burhuc a.s.b.l. A local concert organisator.

In late 2005 the band started to record their new album “Lead me to the Tombs”which was sold in a lot of different countries (Germany, France, Belgium, Brazil, Japan, Belarus, U.S.A, Sweden, Canada and others.)

They split up in June ´07.



Interview with Simon from ex-Black Candle:

1. First of all what do you think of the different Ideologies/Images (Churchburning, NS, Homophobia etc) which often occur in Black Metal music?
S: Churchburning is very stupid, it will not destroy christianity. There are better ways to fight organized religions. NSBM is a stupid trend!!! I don´t care if someone is nazi or whatever. Most of them are stupid kids without any background. Record labels are doing big money with trends like this. I can no longer identify myself with todays BM scene. I am heading for new horizons.

2. How was the reaction of the conservative Luxembourg to the band Black Candle and their music?
S: They never liked us but we never cared about Luxembourg and his square asses!!!

3. What were your influences in BC?
S: Venom,Darkthrone,Burzum,early Bathory and Danzig!!!

4. How was the scene in Luxembourg in the early days and how has it changed nowadays?
S: There never was a scene. Only shitty bands and shitty people. Nothing changed. I don´t like Luxemburg. We sold 90% of our records in other countries. Most of our stuff was sold in the USA,Poland,Germany and other countries. All our albums will be rereleased on Terrorcult Production from Poland.

5. What was the reason for the split?
S: There were many reasons.

6. Can you imagine to make a reunion?
S: Maybe someday.

7. As you were the Black Metal Elite here in Luxembourg how were/are the reactions from abroad?
S: Very good. I think we are a cult band now. We were Luxemburgs first BM band and no one can take us this!!!

8. Can you tell us a funny story about Black Candle? A gig? Etc
S: There were some chaotic gigs in the past. I remember Waldbredimus. It was the worst soundman I´ve ever seen. He had a profesional PA but could not handle it, which was/is so typical for Luxembourg.

9. You play now in different Bands, what are they about?
S: Dan, Shadow and I play in “Deformation Guaranteed”. Dan also plays in the Thrashband “Nefast”. And Styxx plays in a lot of other bands. “Deformation Guaranteed” is very different from BC. The debut album is out now. Check it out!!!

10. What are your all time Cd favourites?
S: There are so many!!!

11. One last word?
S: Thanks for your interview!!!
Stay wicked!!!

For informations:

The MFG Team wants to thank Simon for the interview! We wish you and the other members all the best for the future!

written by innerwille


~ by innerwille on January 18, 2008.

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