…the Rising

So after 3 days of hard work, we’ve found a definite design for our Blog…We hope it’s clearly arranged and that you like it…if not please contact us (our mail is on the top at “Contact Us”).

In these next lines we give you a small overview of this blog:

On the top, above our logo you can find: 

-Contact Us! (here you can find our E-mail for any comments or requests)
-Find Band (Gives you an alphabetical Order of all the Bands we’ve reviewed)

On your left you can find: 

MFG Crew (Who are we?)
-All Reviews (for a better overview go to: Find Band)
-The Reviews (in alphabetical Order)

On your right you can find:

-Everything else

We are working hard to bring you as many reviews in the week as possible. You have to understand that we are doing this in our Free-Time and it’s not possible to write 50 reviews in one week

For the future we bring you more Metal-Stuff like Interviews (we are trying to get an Interview with Judas Priest when they are playing in June in Luxembourg) and Video-Reviews.

The MFG Team hopes that you visit us frequently or maybe even boomark this homepage.



~ by SvArt on January 14, 2008.

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