Legion of the Damned – Feel the Blade


I think you know this situation: there are bands where you don’t understand why they don’t get more attention, and there are bands where you don’t understand why they get that much attention…I think the best synonym is “overrated“.
And I think you can already guess what’s coming now…because in my eyes Legion of the Damned is one of these overrated bands.

But let’s first talk about the facts: Legion of the Damned, Death/Thrash Metalheads from Limburg (Netherlands), released this year their third longplayer “Feel the Blade”. Actually it’s not really a new Record because 7 of 10 Songs are re-issued songs from their former band “Occult”.
Like I’ve already said, LotD is a Death/Thrash Metal Band, a mixture of old-and new school, and I think you can compare it with Entombed. The Drum-play is dominated by forceful Double-Bass; the riffs are heavy, aggressive and filthy. The vocals are a mixture of grunts and dirty yells, and Maurice Swinkels, singer of the band, does his job very well. A highlight of the record is the nice production; the sound fits very well to the music style.

Hmm when you’re reading this now, how can these favorable words fit to the first lines? In my eyes, the music of Legion of the Damned has one main problem: the absence of surprise! I love bands with riffs, or hell-melting solos, which are surprising/amazing you. Thanks to those riffs, you recognize a song immediatly when you hear it. And LotD has very few of these riffs, it’s all some kind of repetitif, when you know one song, you know all songs. I don’t want to say that it’s all the same, there are some very varied moments on “Feel the Blade” like the song “Disturbing the Dead”, but in the main, it’s too homogeneous and…yeah boring.

So if you want some music to calm down for 10 minutes because you had a shitty day or if you loved already the first 2 records, “Feel the Blade” could be the right thing for you, but if you are attaching importance in records which are interesting from the first to the last minute, this record will disappear pretty fast in your CD collection.

6,5 / 10


1. Nuclear Torment
2. Nocturnal Predator
3. Slaughtering The Pigs
4. Slut Of Sodom
5. Feel The Blade
6. Expire
7. Warbeast
8. Disturbing The Dead
9. Obsessed By The Grave
10. Reapers Call
11. Last Command (Bonustrack)
12. Mask Of Terror (Bonustrack)
13. Chronic Infection (Bonustrack)


~ by SvArt on January 14, 2008.

2 Responses to “Legion of the Damned – Feel the Blade”

  1. Legion Of The Damned is what Slayer wishes they sounded like in 2008. I fully disagree with your negative points about this CD. They’re godly thrash. The end.

  2. […] Legion of the Damned […]

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