Nifelheim – Envoy Of Lucifer (2007)


In times where every (shitty) Black Metal Band wants to be true and underground, the Swedish Band Nifelheim, where Dissection´s Jon Nödtveidt recorded the guitars for the first 2 albums, has released their new masterpiece.
Envoy of Lucifer is the fourth full length record in 17 years.
For getting a first impression of how they sound, I think you can compare them to the Norwegian band Carpathian Forest.
With Envoy of Lucifer, Nifelheim presents us a great Black´n´roll record, where funky rock riffs, Heavy Metal leads and a fucking tight blastbeat dominate and push this record to the top 5 of the year 2007.
These guys have fun, they spread fun and don´t take themselves to serious!
The only thing we can hope is that this band is going to tour more often in 2008! There is already one date to remember because Nifelheim goes WACKEN 08, so be prepared for some really dirty rock´n´roll.


Song: Gates of Domination







~ by innerwille on January 13, 2008.

One Response to “Nifelheim – Envoy Of Lucifer (2007)”

  1. Dat fannen ech prima Ballerina. Dat wärt mäin Kaaf nach méi einfach maachen.

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