Primordial – To the Nameless Dead (2007)

I’ve to admit that I’ve never before listened to a recording of this, in 1987 formed, Irish Folk Black Metal Band. So it was my first time Confrontation with Primordial. By listening to Bands like Moonsorrow, Agalloch or Enslaved, I thought I could be well prepared for this recording, but what came out of my loudspeakers was something completely new. The sound of Primordial has something unique. It’s like the feeling you have when you are watching a battlefield in “Lord of the Rings“, or when you are driving with your car trough Irish landscape (I’ve to admit that i never was before in Ireland, but in Scotland^^). It’s pretty rare that a band manages to put such symbolism in their music, like the Viking CD’s of Bathory.
Bathory is a pretty good catchword, because this is, in my eyes, modern Bathory. Already the way how Naihmass has styled his vocals reminds me somehow of Quortons vocal- style: clean, but hoarse, like a general of a medieval army, who is motivating his Troops before they are riding into battlefield.
So the Vocals are great, but what about the songwriting? Do you know these moments when you are listening to a song and there comes a part where everything around you becomes quiet and you are alone with those riffs, they make you feel sad or invincible, happy or angry? To the Nameless Dead is jam-packed with such emotional moments. Believe me, you won’t listen to this CD without feeling something! This record is majestic, but in the same way sad, it’s shouting at you to fight, but in the same way it says that you can’t win. And all this makes the songwriting so genius and so unique.So this all sounds pretty good, are there also some points of critique? In my eyes nothing serious, there are some few points where the vocals are not 100% well placed, and the last song is not completely on the high level of the other 7 Songs, but that’s irrelevant, because this record is just Kick-Ass and one of the Highlights of 2007!

9,5 / 10 Points

~ by SvArt on January 12, 2008.

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