Monolithe – Monolithe II (2005)

Incredible! This band that isn’t really one – in fact it is Sylvain Bégot’s (Anthemon) solo project, to which is added several guest musicians – succeeded in creating an original and majestic piece of work contained in one single track clocking around 50 minutes in length, without it being wearisome at any time, however. I’m talking here about Monolithe II, second part of a series of albums that all lyrically revolve around the origins of mankind.

Those who have already heard Monolithe I won’t be really surprised with this second release, since it is musically very close to the first one, apart from the fact that this time an accordion is utilized among the more traditional instruments. Yes, I said an accordion. Who would have believed that it could fit so well on a Funeral Doom CD? Well, Monolithe have proven that every instrument, even the least expected ones, can sound sad.

To my ears, Shades Of… by Shape Of Despair and Monolithe II cause similar sensations: Traveling through surreal and oneiric dimensions, one slowly forgets everything else around. A strange yet wonderful land uncovers, and one can do nothing but contemplate these fantastic landscapes. A trip of nearly one hour, during which any notion of time or space gets dissolved in the ether of an atmospheric, keyboard-laden Doom. Immensely beautiful.

This album is a real pearl, and listening to it from the first to the last minute will be an unforgettable experience, provided that you are in the right mood and consenting to it.

Black Wizard


~ by blackwizard666 on January 12, 2008.

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