Athanorr – Burning The World (2005)


Athanorr is a Luxembourgish one-man band started by “Lord Khemnon” (or Fred, if you prefer) in 2003. After playing in several Luxembourgish and Belgian metal bands, Fred seemingly decided to found his own project. Athanorr was born. For the first demo “Burning The World”, which was released last year, Fred played the guitar, bass, drums, keyboard, and even did the vocals.

Athanorr’s music evolves in a melodic kind of Power Metal with a Speed/Thrash touch and a slight Gothic feeling. Iron Maiden influences are undeniable, but the song structures are simpler and sporadically growls are used (“Black River”, “Seeds Of Hate”, “Hail The Master”).

The guitar riffs and solos often remind of Maiden (in more modest of course), like in the title track for example. In this context, it must be said that Lord Khemnon is a really talented guitar player. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said about his singing abilities: the clean vocals clearly need to be improved. Besides, the accent is awful (“Burning Se World”, or something alike). The growling parts are fairly okay, however.

Quiet songs like “Drowning In Solitude”, “From Nowhere To Nothing” or “Where Love Grows” are also present, giving “Burning The World” the needed variation.

Without being a musical revolution, this demo is a really good start. “Hail The Master” and “This Is My Blood” are in my opinion the best tracks of this CD, which doesn’t mean that the others aren’t worth listening to.

The second Athanorr demo should be released end June 2006, so stay tuned!

Black Wizard


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